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Tips for Selecting the Right Eyeglasses

Tips for Selecting the Right Eyeglasses

Do your glasses press against the bridge of your nose and leave red marks? Do the ear pieces dig into the back of your head, leaving you uncomfortable all day long? Do your eyeglasses weigh so heavily on your face that you can’t wait to take them off at night?

Maybe the purple designer frames distracted you when you first purchased your glasses. At that time, your friend might have commented that big round frames gave you an intelligent look. Now, only a few months later, you may find yourself regretting those impulsive decisions.

Proper Prescription, Fit and More

When it’s time to purchase a new pair of eyeglasses, how do you select the right ones for you? A qualified practitioner can check the proper fit for daily comfort and offer additional help with the following:

· Right frame for your prescription: If you have astigmatism and require a particularly thick glass, you need to pick the right frame to support the weight.

· Proportion for your facial features: If you have delicate facial features, you don’t want to bury them under an overpowering eyeglass frame.

· Balance of shapes: If you have a round face, frames that are wider can add some visual balance and vice versa.

· Clear or colored selection: Those who want to lessen the appearance of glasses may enjoy clear frames, whereas others may prefer colorful selections that accent their hair, skin or favorite clothing.

· Half or full option: If you can still see clearly at a distance, half glasses may allow you to see small print while reading up close.

Trained Expert for Complete Eye Care

Do you spend hours in the drugstore, trying to find a pair of reading glasses? Do you keep buying different ones, which never correct your vision or fit properly? Do you need the help of a trained expert who can give you a thorough examination and check your eye health?

The experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists at East Side Eye Associates (212-861-6200) and Tribeca Eye Associates (212-693-7200) specialize in all of these conditions. To improve your vision while you work at your computer, call us now.