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Summer is in Sight

This summer, start your vacations with crystal clear vision with LASIK! At Eastside Eye Associates, we have performed LASIK laser vision correction for many years, and have seen firsthand the outstanding results we can deliver to our patients. Summer is a time when you can break out of your cold-weather slump and enjoy the outdoors to their fullest – IF you don’t have to wear glasses or contacts. It’s hard to play frisbee, run, and waterski when you have to wear glasses, and even contacts can dry your eyes out.

Most of our patients considered having LASIK for many years before actually going through with it, and many told us that it was the best thing they’d ever done for themselves. The freedom we are able to impart to our patients is remarkable, and we have thousands of patients living life to the fullest who can attest to that.

To learn more about LASIK, call us at Eastside Eye Associates to schedule a free no-obligation consultation!