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Pterygium is an unusual eye disease that people experience most often in dry, sunny climates. With this condition, the sclera (the white part of the eye) begins growing abnormally toward the cornea (the clear part of the eye). This abnormal but noncancerous tissue growth, which is sometimes called “surfer’s eye”, can cause eye irritation, redness, and even vision problems.

Recent innovations in pterygium surgery now allow patients to remove a pterygium, which is remarkable considering doctors once told patients that this condition is not curable. By utilizing both a conjunctival autograft and fibrin tissue adhesive, patients can now treat their pterygium and have a recurrence rate of less than 1% – older methods left recurrence rates as high as 50%.

If you have a pterygium, it is quite easy for Dr. Shulman to diagnose. Call Eastside Eye Associates to learn more!