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Premium Lens Technology: Is It Worth It?

Although premium lens implants provide patients with a wide range of focus, they do add some out-of-pocket expense to patients. Many patients ask Dr. Shulman if he believes these lenses to be worth the cost.

“Patients ask me all the time what I would recommend for an aunt or a sister, or what I would do for myself in this situation. I would recommend a premium lens implant, and here’s why. There are very few investments that you can make that you will use every waking moment. There are very few investments you can make that do not depreciate. There are very few investments you can make that improve your quality of life permanently and, in the case of some examples, even improving over time. The premium intraocular lens implants, including Crystalens and ReSTOR, are just that.”

Premium intraocular lens implants are designed to provide spectacle independence for patients after cataract surgery. To learn more, check out our website.