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How Your Reading Habits Affect Your Eyes

How Your Reading Habits Affect Your Eyes

Are you straining to see the words in a favorite book, which you can’t put down? Do you study under poor lighting conditions? Reading a book is one of the many simple pleasures that life has to offer. But this can be an elusive pastime for people with minor to serious eye health conditions. If you like reading, chances are you are wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses to help you see the words or pictures well.

Ideal Reading Atmosphere

Your reading habits could seriously affect the health of your eyes. If you started out reading the way you do now since you were a kid, you may have strained your eyes to the point of your inability to read without any aids.

Some factors that contribute to eye strain when reading are:

● Poor lighting: Reading in the dark or under a dim light puts pressure on your eyes. You are able to read because of the light that passes through your eyes. If there is poor lighting, then your eyes are doing double time to compensate for it.

● Small fonts: Books with small prints can also strain your eyes. As a matter of fact, it causes you to place the book closer to your face than necessary, which is another problem when it comes to reading.

● Existing eye problem: An eye injury or problem means your eyes may not be up to the usual tasks. It’s best to let them heal first before putting your eyes to work by reading. Otherwise, you impede the healing process and may complicate your eye condition.

● Fatigue: When you are tired after a day’s work, your body may not be able to function properly or handle another set of activities that includes reading.

The experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists at East Side Eye Associates (212-861-6200) and Tribeca Eye Associates (212-693-7200) specialize in all of these conditions. To improve your vision while you work at your computer, call us now.