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How to Look Good in Eyeglasses

How to Look Good in Eyeglasses

You know that you need to wear eyeglasses but fear that you will just look nerdy. You and a million others, including children, have the same sentiments. This is one reason why some people choose contact lenses instead. But with the range of design options in eyeglass frames today, you are bound to look better with glasses, not to mention seeing more clearly.

Ideal Frame for Your Face

If your fear of wearing eyeglasses stems from bad experiences with the wrong frames before, the following is a helpful guide. Remember that wearing eyeglasses should not be compromised. There is no point in looking good if you bump into every other person on the street.

To better understand how this will all play out, you need to know your face shape and the best frames that will complement your features:

● Round: Square or angular frames work best to make your face look thinner. Avoid wearing round frames.

● Oval: Any frame will always look good for this face shape.

● Square: Wider frames that are circular in shape will lengthen the look of your face.

● Oblong: Triangular, circular or deep rectangular frames will help soften your angular face.

● Base-up triangle/heart: Wide or rimless frames that are geometric or circular in shape will make your face appear proportional by drawing attention to your small chin.

● Base-down triangle: Because your chin becomes your striking feature, geometric, circular or cat-eye-shaped frames are the most flattering.

● Diamonds: Frames that are circular or have a cat-eye shape will emphasize your eyes and those cheekbones.

Now that you have an idea on what it takes to look good in eyeglasses, you should not put off wearing them anymore. There are negative effects when you avoid wearing glasses. One is eye strain or fatigue, which will weaken your eyes. In the long run, you may need more than just glasses to correct your vision.

The experienced ophthalmologists and optometrists at East Side Eye Associates (212-861-6200) and Tribeca Eye Associates (212-693-7200) specialize in all of these conditions. To improve your vision while you work at your computer, call us now.