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Dealing With Cataracts

Is your vision becoming blurred or cloudy? If you are older than the age of 40, then you may be suffering from cataracts. This eye condition causes visual impairment in older people. A cloudy substance (made up of protein) covers the lens, making it difficult to see clearly.

Normally, people with cataracts can still live their daily lives. They become accustomed to the cloudy substance, which gradually increase over time. However, when the eye lens becomes too clouded, vision is increasingly impaired.

Cataract Types and Causes

There are three classifications of cataracts, which an eye doctor uses as the basis for treatment. These include the following:

● Anatomical location of the lens

● Degree of clouding

● Cause

Eye lenses are naturally made up of a combination of water and protein. The most common causes of cataract include:

● Age: As people get older, the protein in the eye clump together and becomes the cloudy substance that characterizes cataracts. This continuously increases until surgical treatment is done.

● Eye injury that penetrates the lens: A blunt force that seriously affects the lens could cause a secondary cataract, which may or may not progress or increase in density. You should seek immediate medical help after an injury.

● Diabetes: This debilitating disease can accelerate the development of cataract. It is a medical complication that is seriously considered before treatment is done. A cataract patient first undergoes medical tests to establish if he or she has diabetes.

● Genetics: Certain genetic illnesses can also cause cataracts. These include Down syndrome, myotonic dystrophy and Wilson’s disease. Congenital infections from rubella, syphilis and herpes simplex could also lead to this visual impairment. A congenital cataract occurs as the result of genetic disorders or any physical abnormality in an infant.

● Medications: If you are taking certain types of medications such as a corticosteroid during a prolonged period, you may be prone to developing cataracts earlier than the normal age of occurrence.

Eating a healthy diet and living an active lifestyle can help lower your risk of developing cataracts. Although this condition is not life threatening, it can make it difficult for you to live with a cloud over your eyes each day. Cataracts can impose additional risks to your safety such as stepping off of curbs, so it is important to schedule an examination to assess your condition now.

Advanced Procedures

Today’s advanced cataract procedures are a far cry from thousands of years ago. If a patient needs cataract surgery, an outpatient visit generally allows a return home only a few hours after the procedure. Shortly after the surgery, many patients experience significant improvements in their vision and the sense of increased “brightness,” which quickly enhances the ability to read.

With the experts at Eastside Eye Associates and Tribeca Eye Physicians, cataracts are treated using state-of-the-art surgical equipment, which makes the procedure fast and pain free. What’s more, a speedy recovery makes it possible for patients with cataracts to enjoy better vision quickly. Call 212-861-6200 or 212-693-7200, and schedule an appointment today!