Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Iris

Facts You Didn’t Know About Your Iris People may often be distinguished by the color of their eyes such as blue, green, brown or gray. This part of the eye that exhibits color is called the iris. It sits just behind the cornea and functions as a light regulator. Consisting of muscle tissues and pigments, the iris causes the pupil to constrict or dilate. This action determines the amount of light that passes through the iris and contributes to the clarity of your vision. Iris Disorders Your iris is as vulnerable to infections and disorders as the other parts of your eye. As a result, if affected, your vision may be compromised. There are disorders or defects that are caused by accidents leading to damage. There are also congenital iris defects. Accidents can damage your iris, whether it is hitting your eye with a pointed object or a non-pentrating object. When the iris is damaged, too much light passes through, causing difficulty in focusing on a particular object. It is like looking straight at a glaring headlight with difficulty to see things clearly. Below, are a couple of congenital disorders that affect the iris: Aniridia This rare congenital complex eye disease is characterized by an underdeveloped iris. This occurs in utero, during pregnancy, and medical science points to a genetic defect as the culprit. Although aniridia is a name used to describe an isolated ocular disease, it is also a group of disorders, which is a feature of several malformation syndromes. Aniridia means “absence of the iris.” Patients with this disease have poor vision and increased sensitivity to light.... read more

Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Eyes

Healthy Eating Habits for Healthy Eyes Good, balanced nutrition does wonders for your body and overall well-being. Did you ever wonder what certain foods do for your eyes? There’s the belief that carrots are the best to keep your eyesight sharp. But did you know that there are other beneficial foods? Here are some great sources with nutrients contributing to the health of your eyes. Spinach Although native to central and southwestern Asia, spinach has made its way to the western world. These days, it’s used as an ingredient in gourmet meals. But that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be served during meals at your own dining-room table. Spinach is packed with essential nutrients, especially lutein. This is a carotenoid vitamin, which the body absorbs best when taken with a high-fat meal. It is related with vitamin A, the nutrient that is often associated with eye health. Strawberries These delectable fruits are low in fats but high in phytonutrients. They are also a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin E. More important, strawberries contain health-promoting lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene. We know how difficult it is to feed kids vegetables, so this fruit is a good alternative source of nutrients to keep their eyes healthy. These are best eaten raw but adding them to various recipes will appeal to your family. Turkey Who says turkey is just good for Thanksgiving? As a rich source of zinc, turkey should also be on the menu on a regular basis. The retina, which contains the “neural elements for reception and transmission of visual stimuli,” needs zinc. Prepare turkey sandwiches or mix this sumptuous... read more

Why Your Eye Twitches

Why Your Eye Twitches Your crush finally talks to you in class, and you just stare. Suddenly, you feel a twitching in your eyelid. Horrified, you ask yourself, “did he just see that?” Eye twitching or eye spasms usually occur in the upper eyelid. It is a repetitive, uncontrollable or involuntary pulsation. It is usually painless but definitely annoying. It can happen to anyone: men and women, old and young. A Few Types of Eye Spasms *Minor eyelid twitch: This seldom occurs and disappears just as fast. Although considered less serious, it is often associated with the following: Stress Lack of sleep Caffeine Fatigue *Benign essential blepharospasm: This type commonly occurs in women more than men. It is still considered harmless, but the frequency of occurrence is quite high. There is excessive blinking and/or eye irritation. The conditions associated with it are almost the same as that of a minor eyelid twitch. These are: Fatigue Stress Irritants such as bright light, wind or air pollution A worsening of this conditions may cause your eyes to have increased sensitivity to light. There are cases where the spasms are so intense that eyelids stay shut for up to several hours. If this occurs, it may result infacial spasms. Studies suggest that this type is a combination of environmental and genetic factors. If your parents are afflicted with it, you are at high risk of developing the same. *Hemifacial spasm: This is a rare type of eye spasm. It involves the eyelid muscles and the muscles around the mouth. When it occurs, it usually affects only one side of the face. It... read more

Common Eye Problems Associated With Aging

Common Eye Problems Associated With Aging Your body’s health and fitness often change when you get older. There is a gradual loss of strength and stamina, especially when exercise is not part of your regular routine. The same goes for your senses. There may be gradual or abrupt deterioration of the normal levels of functionality as you age. Poor vision and hearing are often associated with aging. But there are certain eye problems that manifest themselves as you get older. These are: ● Glaucoma: Too much fluid pressure inside the eye leads to the development of this eye problem. It can be the result of a blockage that happens between the cornea and the iris, the colored part of the eye. When treated immediately upon detection, there is a reduced threat to the patient’s vision. But in severe cases when a patient is unable to seek medical help, glaucoma can cause blindness. However, the detection of glaucoma can be difficult. This is one reason why a lot of people suffer permanent vision loss due to this eye problem. The case becomes severe before any treatment is done. Eye drops are often prescribed to patients with glaucoma. Treatment for more serious conditions may require oral medications and surgery. ● Cataracts: Older people are prone to cataracts. This is the cloudy substance that covers either a part or the entire lens inside the eye. The gradual deterioration in health in older people impacts their vision. The lens of the eye becomes opaque, and light has difficulty passing through it. This makes it difficult to see images clearly. Thus, suffering visual impairment.... read more

Essential Eye Gear to Maintain Health and Safety

Essential Eye Gear to Maintain Health and Safety In the rush of work and leisure activities, we can forget to wear protective eye gear, which can help us avoid permanent damage. From construction workers to weekend warriors renovating their homes, safety goggles are an essential precaution. Even during recreational activities, remembering to wear sunglasses with the proper UV protection can have a major impact on the health of our eyes. Sunglasses With Proper UV Protection After sitting at a desk all week, you may long to spend time outdoors during the weekend. To unwind, maybe you like to go bike riding or simply take a long drive on a favorite scenic route. If you ran out the door without your sunglasses, you may find the strong sunlight completely blinding—and hazardous to your eye health and safety. According to the American Optometric Association (AOA), the sun’s UV radiation can cause the following: ● Cataracts ● Benign growths on the eye’s surface ● Cancer of the eyelids and skin around the eyes ● Photokeratitis (“snow blindness”), which is a temporary but painful sunburn of the eye’s surface During the wintertime, you may not think that sunglasses are important. However, from the beach to the ski slopes, protecting your eyes is critical during every season of the year. The AOA recommends looking for sunglasses, which at a minimum: ● Block at least 99% of both UV-A and UV-B radiation ● Screen out 75% to 90% of visible light ● Are gray for correct color perception and free of distortion and imperfection If you always seem to forget your sunglasses, simply make it... read more